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Idea For A Flash

2008-08-07 11:03:20 by DarthVaderS1999

I wish that i could maybe get Flash Player someday. Hey,if anyone likes,they could build a pokemon-saving game. Its like a game that you save Pokemon from EVIL API. If your gonna make it,well,at least say im a owner of it too since i came up with the idea! ^_^


Idea For A Flash


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2008-08-07 11:05:06

It's not that hard getting flash.

DarthVaderS1999 responds:

Im sorry but i just don't wanna buy it.


2008-08-07 11:19:23

Why cant you just get oof your lazy fat ass and get flash.

DarthVaderS1999 responds:

Video games,computer all the things noob.


2008-09-04 12:58:11

Theres away to get flash for free just download the free trailer and get the serial code and ta-da! i

DarthVaderS1999 responds:

To tell the truth,I have a 0 flash skill.