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2008-02-11 14:57:57 by DarthVaderS1999

I got to have a flash! Someone please let me give ideas so i can be a owner of ur flash!


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2008-02-11 15:37:24

Get a 30-day trial. Or you can browse the internet and "borrow" a copy from someone. If you get what I mean.

DarthVaderS1999 responds:

Hmm..not a bad idea. But exactly WHERE can i find someone whos gonna let me post a flash? Plus i can't even borrow someone elses audio!


2008-04-17 18:25:31

Just think of something random or something you like and build up from there. Or you could always just make a paradoy or tribute of something that already exists if your really stuck for ideas.
Hope you do make a flash, i look forward to seeing what you produce

DarthVaderS1999 responds:

Im sorry but I don't have flash maker. I don't even know HOW to make a flash. Maybe if i tried to make a stick flash,it would get BLAMMED. Really,i suck. ;-;